Studio update (+Eagles review)

I hope all of my US friends had a nice July 4th celebration.    I've been moving some things around in the control room and updating a few things (technical and otherwise).   Chris Smith and I are collaborating on 3 of his original songs.   Several other friends are involved, so that makes it a fun project.  Hope we will release them (at least digitally) by the end of the Summer.

Marie and I attended The Eagles concert at Coors Field.  All I can say is, WOW!  They were in top form and I was blown away.   Normally I critique everything to the point where I don't generally enjoy live music, movies, etc.   This one left me speechless.    They played a two hour set (as Don Henley said 'because they could') that was high energy from the first note to the last, amazing 3/4/5 part harmonies that were spot on and, of course, a catalog that was very deep.   Deacon Frey did his Dad proud for sure and Vince Gill fit in like he was always an Eagle.  I'll admit that growing up, I wasn't the biggest Eagles fan.  I always respected them for sure, but my time was spent elsewhere (ie ELP, Yes, UK, Kansas et al).   Looking back at it now, I see why they are where they are today despite whatever band politics and falling outs occurred throughout the years.  They're close to the top of their game and are NOT just going through the motions.

PS - Joe Walsh completely blew me away.   I've never heard him sound so good.   Amazing.

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