October 2020 Update

Somehow October is almost gone.   I've been doing some studio maintenance and continue to sllooowwwllly work on a project with Chris Smith.  I am making a commitment to add a LOT of music and projects to my schedule in the upcoming months and beyond.   Much better for the soul.   The events of 2020 have just been a major block to my creative process.   Trying my best to shake it off!

COVID-19 and 2020 in General

I'm not even sure where to start with this update.   Obviously the last 6 months or so have profoundly impacted everyone on the planet, so I realize that my personal commentary is just a tiny fraction of a fraction of the pain.   I had Covid-19 and bacterial pneumonia in late Feb/early March.   The virus itself felt like an awful awful influenza until it lead to a bacterial pneumonia that had me fighting to breathe.   Thankfully an urgent care visit turned into an immediate re-route to the local hospital emergency department.   While Covid testing on March 7th was a bit of a mystery, I was immediately treated with two powerful IV antibiotics and fluids to address the pneumonia and my breathing.    I am thankful that I wasn't admitted to the hospital and was able to heal at home.   Within a 72 hour period, my breathing was much easier and the virus had run its course.  It took me a full month to be back to feeling somewhat normal and have close to 100% of my energy.  I later took the Covid19 antibody test (formally known as SARS-CoV-2 IgG) and I was VERY positive.   The value to be considered positive is >=1.00 AU/mL.   My test result was 11.37 AU/mL so there is no doubt that I had the virus.   Since immunity is largely unknown (whether or not I even have immunity and, if I do, how long would it protect me), I continue to use the protocol that everyone else should be - stay away from others, wear a mask when I cant avoid being near others, wash hands with soap & water often, and sanitize hands often when I don't have access to soap & water.    In the midst of all of the strangeness I had to take an emergency trip to NY because my Dad was dying.  I had to get there to see him and to be there for my Mom and Brother.   Thankfully I was able to see him before he passed and was able to spend quality time for a couple of weeks with my family.   Me, my Mom, my brother and a Priest stood on top of a cold and windy hill in the cemetery and buried my Dad.   It was surreal (and still is) that we couldn't share that moment with family and friends the way we would want to.  For several months, I had no interest in music or being in the studio.   My head just wasn't in the right place.   Thankfully, that weird time is over and I have several projects I'm working on. #covid19 #2020


Live Gig on August 27th

It was my first live gig in quite a while.   The location was Dazzle (Denver, CO).   Marie and I have seen many shows at Dazzle and it was an honor to be able to play there.   The artist was Fia NyXX.  She is quite a talent with a great voice, great songs and a great show/performance.   Thank you to bassist Chris Rybitski!





Unfortunately we had a flood elsewhere in the house (kitchen into walkout basement).    The studio was completely unaffected BUT we aren't spending much time in the house while it is repaired and the usual creative space doesn't feel so creative at the moment.   We look forward to being back by Thanksgiving and planning on a very creative and productive 2020+!

Thank you for your patience.



Second single release from Abigail Rose 

Very pleased to have worked with Abigail on this "Should've Stayed Home".   It's quite haunting.   It's also purposely minimalistic in the production.   Abigail had a clear vision for how she wanted it to sound.   

New Artist - Abigail Rose 

Very psyched about an upcoming release we just finished up.  Abigail is an amazing singer/songwriter who has been cranking out some great songs.  Her vocals and guitar work are fantastic.  She will go far!  Stay tuned!

Winter NAMM 2019 

Once again, Marie and I made the trip to Orange County and spent a couple of days meeting with vendors and spending time with old and new friends.   While this isn't a 'purchase' year, I always like to keep up on the new stuff and, more importantly, spend some time with key partners like SSL and Avid.  

A new artist I'm working with was there as part of NAMM Generation Next.   She is a great singer, songwriter and likely has a great career in music ahead of her.   I'm very excited to be producing several…

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It's never too early to think about NAMM.... 

Even though it isn't even October yet, we've already got our plans locked in for the annual pilgrimage to NAMM.   Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.    No major equipment upgrades planned BUT always like to see what's new and to stay in touch with the state of the art!


I finally managed to get the first track from my project Soul Rash out the door.   Chris Smith wrote it, he and I played on it, I produced and engineered it and we pulled in some friends to sing and play drums.     Please check it out on all of the usual outlets.   


New one almost there..... 

We're making progress on finishing up one of Chris Smith's songs.  It's something he wrote years ago that we've resurrected and given our own sound.  The track is sounding really good.  Drums, Guitars, Organ/Clavinet, Lead vocals are done.  

Studio update (+Eagles review) 

I hope all of my US friends had a nice July 4th celebration.    I've been moving some things around in the control room and updating a few things (technical and otherwise).   Chris Smith and I are collaborating on 3 of his original songs.   Several other friends are involved, so that makes it a fun project.  Hope we will release them (at least digitally) by the end of the Summer.

Marie and I attended The Eagles concert at Coors Field.  All I can say is, WOW!  They were in top form and I was blown away…

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Talented kids 

Just had Boulder-based Overt Defiance in recording a live demo.   Very talented group of kids (all younger than 17).   There is hope!